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Fight like Hell.

DOOM. The game that pioneered the first-person shooter genre and coined the term Deathmatch is back and nastier than ever. Published by Bethesda Softworks and years in the making by developer id Software, DOOM the 4th in the DOOM series and challenges the genre-defining boundaries that have become the franchise's legacy.

You are the lone DOOM Marine, activated to carve a gore-strewn path through the legions of Hell and eradicate the Union Aerospace Corporation's Mars research facility's demon problem. Misguided experiments with dark forces have unleashed a force of evil beyond control. You have only one mission - Kill them all.

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Unleash brutal carnage on the legions of Hell. Ludicrously violent melee finishers with fast-paced combat drag the franchise kicking and screaming back to its roots. Classic enemies like the Mancubus, Cyberdemon, and Revenant are faithfully re-created from the original artwork and brought grotesquely up to date for today's console and hardware and generation. Sprint, double-jump and mantle your way through complex and dangerous levels with six degrees of freedom designed to keep you moving.

Levels are more dynamic and richly detailed in id Software's idTech 6-66 engine. Stunning environments with rich lighting, particle and liquid effects, and innovative technologies make environments rich, stark, metallic, and fearsome, adding even more fear. Cleverly placed ECHO devices encourage you to explore the environment for clues about the grizzly fates of its inhabitants, leaving you open to dynamic action and unpredictable enemy behaviours designed to keep you on your toes. Weapons are classic, chaotic and destructive, level design is elegant and challenging, and blood, guts and gore spurt, spill and pool across every available surface in the inexorable wake of your assault. Outrageous levels of gore and nightmarish abominations of flesh and steel swarm ferociously around you. Your protagonist is fearless. Your weapons are loaded, and the Demons just keep coming.

With no cover, no reprieve, and no stopping to regenerate health, this is a non-stop fight to the death. Unlimited weapons, no reloading, and an advanced melee system that makes spine-snapping finishers and gore-ious dismemberment in combat an artform.

Weapons & Enemies

Blast through the legions of Hell with all new re-imagined weapons and even more brutal melee mechanics than ever before. Weapons feel classic and authentic with multiple firing modes, emphasising maneuverability and raw demon-gibbing carnage.

Old Enemies make a roaring comeback and look better than ever. Each more grizzly than the last, expect to see the triumphant return of the Revenant, Pinky, Cyberdemon, Mancubus and Cacodemon, along with many others, each with all new AI capable of bashing in your skull with your own limbs. Just don't comment on Manny's weight...

Tear apart your enemies with brutal ferocity with the Super Chainsaw, or rip them to shreds with weapons like the Super Shotgun, the Plasma Rifle, and the triumphant return of the B.F.G.!

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Weapons featured in the Closed Alpha include:

  • Plasma Rifle
    A fully automatic rifle that fires pulses of super heated plasma capable of dealing splash damage!
  • Rocket Launcher
    Fires rockets that explode on impact, doing damage over a large area
  • Repeater
    A selective-fire battle rifle equipped with a reciprocating barrel assembly and 3-round burst mode.
  • Static Cannon
    A precision weapon that gains power when in constant motion and drains when idle
  • Super Shotgun
    A break-action double barrel shotgun that fires a wide spread of buckshot
  • Vortex Rifle
    A precision long-range energy weapon with a magnified optic
  • Frag Grenade
    An anti-personnel fragmentation grenade. The detonation timer starts on impact.
  • Personal Teleporter
    A thrown device that teleports a soldier to its location. After deployment, activate again to teleport.

Playing Online

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DOOM's iconic online multiplayer set the standard for every first person shooter we know today, and the latest in the franchise is likely to be no exception. Fast-paced online deathmatch and co-op wave attack modes give you the choice whether to team up with your friends or to smash their faces in.

There's no recovery in online deathmatch, health, armour and more powerful weapons are only available by killing players and exploring the map. A harmonious fusion of classic DOOM and Quake elements, gameplay is very fast and aggressive with an emphasis on controlling an area for powerups, however you have swappable preset loadouts tailored to your strategy. Dominate the battlefield with the Demon Rune - a timed powerup turning you into a hulking, twin-rocket wielding Revenant ramping up the kills as the opposing team tries to mow you down, and the Gauss Cannon - a powerful railgun capable of obliterating anything in its path.

Whether you're an old fan of id Software's unique style or a newcomer looking to sample the delights the DOOM series has to offer, you are sure to find something to suit your taste.

DOOM also includes DOOM SnapMap – a robust, powerful, but easy-to-use game and level editor – allowing for limitless gameplay experiences on every platform. Without any previous experience or special expertise, any player can quickly and easily snap together and visually customize maps, add pre-defined or completely custom gameplay, and even edit game logic to create new modes. Instantly play, share it with a friend, or make it available to players around the world – all in-game with the push of a button.

Here's a shotgun. Any questions? Good.

Now get out there and shoot some demons on Mars.

Playing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

An active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription will be required in order to play DOOM online. Make sure you get the full experience by keeping your subscription up to date!

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