Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Fight Oppression. Claim your freedom.


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In a utopian city where personal freedom comes at the cost of heavy surveillance, there are those who would pay any a high price for secrecy. As Faith Connors, a Runner, you represent the silent resistance living on the rooftops of the city of Glass, eking out a living carrying secretive messages and sensitive data beneath the radar, undermining surveillance by free-running off-the-grid with little but your own two legs and athletic prowess to carry you. But not even Faith can outrun her past, and eventually her destiny will catch up to her...

Outrun the law, protect your friends and and run the rooftops of the stunning, futuro-Brutalist city of Glass from the highest skyscrapers to the darkest tunnels. There are no levels, no loading screens, just the freedom to choose what you want to do.

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As a reboot of EA DICE's 2008 parkour-infused action-platformer Mirror's Edge, Mirror's Edge Catalyst revisits the first person free-running gameplay of the original for PS4, Xbox One and PC while moving away from linear levels in favour of a more open-world approach to exploring the city of Glass. While Mirror's Edge Catalyst can't be described as completely open-world - as your path through the city is gated by obstacles overcome by acquiring upgrades to your new equipment in a largely linear story progression - within each discovered sector of Glass you are free to roam. You decide how to experience each area and the optimal path to your objective, while the points of interest and creative time-trials along the way are yours to investigate, earning achievements and medals along the way. Think along the lines of the original Assassin's Creed, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Rise of the Tomb Raider games, with a fresh new edge.

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Faith's path through the city is designed to feel fluid and intuitive, with technology used only where it expands her freedom. Faith's BEATlink maintains her connection to the Runners Network, a specialised system used by Runners which provides an augmented reality overlay of frequently used parkour routes through the city of Glass. Known as 'Runner Vision', common routes and features used by her fellow Runners to traverse the city are clearly highlighted. These routes are not exhaustive however, and Faith is free to run off the beaten track relying on instinct and experience to find the optimal path to her objective.

Free-running the walls of the city builds Focus, allowing Faith to dodge bullets and remain one step ahead of her enemies, taking them down with impressive feats of athleticism without breaking her flow, while the addition of tools like the MAG Rope and Disruptor allow Faith to reach new heights and subjugate her enemies with ease and grace.


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The story of Mirror's Edge Catalyst revolves around Faith Connors and her entanglement in the plot to liberate her city from the despotic corporations that control it. Faith's disenfranchisement with authority stems from a tragic past, where a cold day in a November of her youth leaves her utterly alone and powerless. She turns to veteran Runner Noah for solace, and finds in him a mentor and moral compass through the bleak underbelly beneath the glistening veneer of the city. With the perpetual lie of her society exposed and her childhood pulled unceremoniously from under her by her tragedy, Faith is exposed to a truth far darker than her own or that of the characters she encounters along the way.

Weapons, Gadgets & Combat

The corporate-bankrolled security forces have a standing order to neutralise everything you stand for, but you don't need guns to fight oppression. Violence is not Faith's style, but her martial arts prowess is second to none. Make use of your environment, your terrain knowledge, and your martial arts skills to free-run and fight, transferring momentum into heavy blows against the enemy.

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst introduces a few key new pieces of equipment, principal among which are the new MAG Rope and Disruptor embedded in her glove:

Short for 'Manifold Attachment Gear', the MAG Rope allows Faith to latch on to specific points in the world with a carbon fibre line, using her momentum to swing over impassable gaps. Far from swinging through the streets like a pastiche Spider-woman, the MAG Rope is a device which requires skill and timing to use, and feels like a natural extension of Faith's abilities, allowing her to utilise her environment against her enemies. As the story progresses, Faith can upgrade the MAG Rope with modifications like the VD Torsional Motor - enabling Faith to pull herself up towards her target, granting access to new routes and areas - and Hook attachments, allowing Faith grapple on to movable features like structural panels, providing an extra ledge to jump on before they retract.


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Mirror's Edge Catalyst features asynchronous online multiplayer seamlessly integrated into the game world. Known as 'Social Play' players can travel the world, share points of interest with friends online by dropping BEAT Location Emitters, and even share custom time-trial courses. Popular 'BEAT Links' and published courses from around the Mirrors Edge player network will have a chance of showing up in your own game, and you will always see your friends' accomplishments and submissions. Players of different skill can compete against each other, show off achievements, and create unique online social challenges with time trial leaderboards shared among all participants. Participating in courses also allows you to race Mirror Echos of players who have come before you, showing you how they triumphed and where they failed to guide you to achieving the best time. With the BEAT Companion app - you can even bookmark and share races outside of Mirrors Edge with a shareable URL!

Exquisitely detailed and ultra-modern, Mirror's Edge Catalyst's contemporary aesthetic eschews gun violence as a core mechanic, instead celebrating freedom of movement and momentum to traverse the game's poignant and intricate storyline, with themes of privacy, security, and identity within systematic oppression at its heart. The seamless concrete structures and glistening white towers of the city of Glass hide a darker, oppressive regime, and it takes Faith and her small band of upstarts to open the eyes of the city and become the catalyst for change.

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