Recent PS3 Price Drops

Here at, we're always trying to get our customers the best deal - that's why we drop our prices as often as we can! Keep up-to-date with the latest PS3 price drops below.

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ItemStockWasNow Saving
Dark Souls II 2 Game PS3In stock$87.49$48.49$39.00
Destiny Vanguard Edition Game PS3Limited stock$53.99$33.99$20.00
NBA 2K12 Game (Move Compatible) PS3Limited stock$27.49$11.49$16.00
Assassins Creed III 3 Game PS3Last one!$32.49$21.49$11.00
Tomb Raider Game PS3 (Essentials)Out of stock$34.99$25.99$9.00
Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 GameIn stock$55.99$47.99$8.00
Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin PS3 GameIn stock$38.99$32.99$6.00
Hitman Absolution Game PS3In stock$23.99$17.99$6.00
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd PS3 GameIn stock$34.99$29.99$5.00
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare PS3 GameIn stock$38.99$34.99$4.00
Sniper Ghost Warrior Special Edition Game (Essentials) PS3In stock$24.99$21.99$3.00
Sonic Generations (Essentials) Game PS3In stock$22.99$19.99$3.00
Sleeping Dogs Game (Essentials) PS3Limited stock$24.99$21.99$3.00 USB 2.0 HD PVR Gaming and Video Capture Device - 1080p HDMI / ComponentIn stock$252.49$194.49$58.00
Disney Infinity Dash Character FigureIn stock$17.49$13.49$4.00
Official Sony DualShock 3 Controller God of War Limited Edition Gold PS3In stock$70.99$61.99$9.00