We love each and every one of our customers, so it's great to hear that you guys love us back! Here you can find some great testimonials by previous customers, regarding their great experience with ozgameshop.com!

Ozgameshops gives not only the best prices and quick delivery, they also went to great lengths to assist me with problems I had with shipping to the wrong address. Best service and quality! 10/10 will and have shopped at ozgameshops again and again. :D
Shannonpicknell@gmail.com from Live Chat

I was in correspondence with Jessica G earlier this year (January) in relation to a game download that I could not receive due to my 3DSXL being pre-setup before I was given it. I was quite sad that I was not able to play the game A Link Between Worlds that came with the Zelda 3DSXL Console that was bought from your site via digital download due to the way Nintendo runs their stores. Jessica G went above and beyond in posting me out a physical copy of the game so I could still enjoy it. Words can not describe how happy I was with all her assistance and help in the matter. I would like to thank her and for assisting me, and can not compliment her enough. Thank you very much for the help, and I am very sorry I have not been able to send this email sooner, as I have been without internet travelling around the Australian outback for the last 4 months where my 3DSXL and Link Between Worlds game have been absolutely fantastic to have with me.
Morgan Lindsay from Email

Outstanding customer service and friendly, understanding staff that quickly respond to any queries. Easily would recommend this seller to anyone. :D
Erika J Turnbull from Email

Just letting you know i received ‘The Last of us Game” on Thursday and the collectors book on Friday. This was very fast, especially for the book being a bulky item. Please thank all the team for me once again for such amazing service
Taz from Email

Hey Guys, Just wanted to say a thanks below. I cant speak highly enough of Ozgameshop! Have been buying from them for over 2 years. They have a huge range and virtually stock anything you want. Their prices are half of what I would pay here in Australia and they have saved me hundreds! Professional company with excellent customer service, and super fast delivery. I got The Last of Us within 6 days and only 4 days after release for half the cost! How good is that! Nothing is too hard for them. Thanks guys!!! Cheers, Paul
Paul Rodrigues from Email

I just want to say how awesome you guys are, my pre order was only shipped wed or Thursdays afternoon last week and I got it first thing yesterday morning. Most amazing service I had received in a long time. Thank you for being amazing.
Emily Hughes from Email

Was my first time ordering a game online, at Ozgameshop, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed! At first I was skeptical about shipping times, but hey, it was free shipping, and the item prices were cheap. SO with that, I gave it a go, and I'm very glad I did choose Ozgameshop! Thanks for the fast shipping, it was faster than expected, and it was exactly one week, so thanks guys, and I will be ordering again from you soon! :D
Vy Tran from Email

Just wanted to write a quick thanks/ positive review. Been buying from you for 1-2 years now and only regret I have is not finding your site sooner. Never had any problems, your prices mean I can get new games that fit my budget, sometimes they get delivered in the 4 days, which is awesome, and sometimes it takes up to 12 working days, but either way always in the timeframe you have declared. Thanks!
Rachel Kania from Facebook

Hi, i just want to say that i absolutely love your website. You have a range of products and so much to choose from it makes it hard. I would just like to say that this is by far the best online website i have seen in ages. Keep up the good work!
Scott Wilyman from Email

Been a member for over a year and researched many games that I have been interested in and always found ozgameshop the better price bought around 10 and still considering them in the future. 10/10 service and I recommend it to anyone
Tom Steven Bicanic from Facebook

Been a customer for about 2 years now and just have to say that you guys have been amazing to deal with and purchase from. Replies to questions have always been quick. I just bought a new PS3 controller and Rocksmith game last Tuesday and it got here yesterday (Tuesday). That's 5 business days from UK to AU! Amazing. Please don't ever go anywhere! We need you! I always rave to my friends about how good your site is.
Daniel Son from Facebook

just wanted to thank you lads for you brilliant service, quick despatch/deliveries and best prices out there..... saved me hundreds of dollars this last few months.....
Priyank Patel from Facebook

So happy to of been introduced to your site.Cheapo games,All sealed which is what a game collector likeS.Love the service and quick dispatch times,its awesome. Normally cheaper than ebay which is amazing,i dont know how u guys stay in business with the prices,But keep up the great work and service. Regards Graham
Graham Hall from Facebook

Hi Guys, just want to say that you have hit a really good thing here. I have been a customer for approximately 3 or 4 months and in that time if anyone mentions buying a game, or a piece of merchandise I say have you heard of ozgameshop and when they say no I am off talking about how great you guys are for about half an hour. Every time I place an order I am astounded by the price (its just ridiculously low) the delivery (its quick and its free) the range (if it was in a store...wait what am i saying it wouldn't fit in a store) the service (any question is answered in 24 hours, any problem...wait there haven't been any). Every single expectation that I have has been reached by you and then BLOWN away. Please don't change. An extremely satisfied Aussie
Leigh Manners from Email

thanks ozgameshop for your excellent service, never had a problem with you guys, must be flat out trying to get CHRISTMAS orders out, plus all mail services will be flooded with deliveries...
Rik Shepperson from Facebook

My original 5 year old 360 controller died around 20:00 last night. I ordered a new Xbox controller from you at 20:27. I got a shipping notification at 22:48. You realise this ridiculously awesome level of service is making it very difficult for me to shop anywhere else, right? It seems kind of unfair to all the slower, more expensive businesses out there.
Conrad Roberts from Facebook

The best range and prices I have found!! None compare, especially with prompt free delivery. Awesome site! LOVE IT!
Kylie Mason from Facebook

This is a great and cheap way to buy anything. From games to accessories. Try it out if you are a gamer or a pc person.
Arthur Violatzis from Facebook

Just got my RDR GOTY in the mail. This is like the 12 or 13th time I've bought from you guys, and I've been damn happy every single time. Don't ever change, guys. ♥
Ayrton Popo Kruse from Facebook

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for what you guys do an keep up the hard work! Whenever I've ordered games, I've always received them promptly or if there has been a problem I have always been kept up to date by courteous customer service staff.
Matthew Bland from Facebook

Always happy with customer service and delivery and descriptions being honest. I am always happy to get my email from you showing the latest and greatest things. Games, videos, toys and so much more. :D ♥
Ketobbey Patrick Waters from Facebook

Hey Adam, Uncharted 3 just arrived for me in the mail. Just wanted to give you guys a huge thanks for being so ridiculously awesome. I'm consistently blown away by you guys: between your low prices and frankly outstanding customer service I'm surprised every other game shop hasn't gone out of business yet.
Anthony Ha from Facebook

Paid my order on Friday 26th October, received ' Assassins Creed Connor The Hunter Figurine ' today Thursday 1st November. I am so impressed with the packaging and mostly amount of time it took to get here to Australia , OZGAMES pat yourself on the back. Congratulations, no wonder i keep returning to you, THANKYOU
Steve from Email

I just wanted to say.... thanks so much for the great website, the great games, great prices, your great service & customer support, if there is any such thing I'll rate you a gazillion percent! All the best from a very happy Aussie.
Jan from Email

Hi guys, I felt just had to write to you to provide some valuable feedback to you. In a very competitive market such as yours, it is very pleasing for me to have a found a company such as yours. Your whole approach to your customers is truly awesome and may i say outstanding! Not only do you have an unbelievable range, of which is not just games, but you also have the best selection, prices, free delivery and constant offers and price reductions, not to mention, the greatest range. What more could customers ask for? I have bought many games from you, and each time you have reached my expectations. This is, what i believe, to be just plain and simple excellent focus not just on your company and how you run it, but more over, a genuine desire to help and satisfy your customers. I for one, will remain a loyal customer. Thank you so much.
Graham Benn from Email

Ozgameshop may I commend you on your amazing prices I can't believe I was paying up to thirty dollars more for the same game. Your customer service is fantastic and I am amazed at how much you care about what your customers are saying.
Ben Argall from Facebook

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am extremely happy with your services! Great prices, great customer service and great delivery times. Just made another purchase today and will be making many more purchases from you guys again!
Ben Chia from Email

Just a quick hello to all the people at Ozgameshop.com for making my purchases hassle free and of the highest quality for service and time taken. I have purchased quite a few now and always drop your great website to friends-workmates-and any one else who requires hassle free gaming purchases which tend to arrive usually 1 week earlier than expected. Keep up the great work every one you should feel very proud of the service you provide, I am a disabled PC gamer through injury and games are mostly out of my reach financially when new until I discovered you all which means I can get my game on when my friends do, CHEERS ALL
Michael Mcdermott from Email

Hey guys. I've made about 10 orders on your site and all have been well packaged, and arrived very quickly. Your prices are amazing aswell, so much cheaper than going to a store. I get almost all of my gaming related stuff from your site now, and I don't think that will change any time soon. Keep it up :)
Zephyrus Shoebridge from Facebook

Just thought I'd say how happy I am with Ozgameshop, I cannot believe that I used to pay outrageous prices in stores when I could have been ordering from you. I am looking forward to continuing my purchases from you in to the future. Keep being awesome! Sincerely, a loyal, satisfied customer
Jack Kelly from Facebook

Ozgameshop. If there is one thing I have to say about you guys, apart from your amazing prices, never-failing deliveries and quality products; it's that your customer service is outstanding. Recommending strongly to everyone I know, you're doing everyone here in Aus a favour, and hopefully I can return it! Keep doing whatever it is you are, well done guys.
Christophe Lang from Facebook

While the faulty tablet has been a disappointment for me, your handling of the problem has been beyond reproach. I’m very grateful you have been responsive and responsible. It’s nice to be able to promote a company that still believes in that old fashioned but increasingly rare concept of ‘the customer’. In fact, we’re measured by what we do when things go wrong, and you have passed that test with room to spare.
Andy Kowalewski from Email

Excellent customer service and I will be recommending your site to friends as a result. Good prices and delivery etc. are great but what really turns customers into advocates is the little extra details . Does not take much effort but a little bit goes a HUGE way
Declan Maher from Email

I have now made 14 orders with you and have received nothing but perfect service. A bargain hunters paradise #bestshoponthenet
gra33zy from Twitter

Ozgameshop is the best ! My first time using them was a great experience, not just because of the ridiculous low prices, or the fast shipping but because of the customer support. I had a initial enquiry about an item and it was answered within a day. Great ! Even after payment and shipment I had another query and I was still replied to promptly. EXCELLENT !!! Highly Recommended
Benjamin Ong from Email

Hey guys, received two of my orders in the last two days. I must say I'm loving the fact that I discovered your site having spent ridiculous amounts on games here. With that said, I find myself buying a lot more than just games from you guys (blu-rays, t-shirts, collectibles) and your delivery times are sensational!! You're doing a really awesome job for us down here!
Kenny Cheung from Facebook

Just wanted to thank you guys (and Girls) for being my number one go-to website for games and also electronic gear. Since signing up and ordering my first game, you guys have saved me hundreds of dollars, allowing me to buy other games that I usually wouldn't. Your customer service is always first rate and the emails that you send me serve as great reminders. Knowing that I'm dealing with real people and having the assurance that games will always be in brand new condition is wonderful and it always brightens my day to walk home from school to find a new game sitting in my letterbox. So thank you, for being more than the average website.
Jordan Haddrick from Facebook

Went outside to find my copy of Super Street fighter 4: Arcade edition. Heaps happy with the fast delivery as well. Thanks once again Ozgamehsop for the great service.
Jason Nguyen from Facebook

OGS I'm looking forward to getting my Replacement Headset, You guys are just the best. No one has Fast Friendly Reliable Customer Service like you guys. You guys Rock :D
Blake James from Facebook

Used OGS for the very first time, was not sure what to expect but boy oh boy am I glad I did! Arrived well packaged! Fast! and customer service is fantastic... I never bother with feedback but OGS has not just set the bar they nuked the bar for fantastic shopping experience! Will also be shouting out on my blog about them! Can not wait to use OGS again!
Trevor Clayson from Facebook

Just a really big congratulations on the swiftness of delivery and the timely updating of messages left for me. Also, you guy have saved me (I reckon) around $120 since I joined - we're not very lucky with video game pricing in Oz retail stores, so it's good to know you're looking after us!
Hayden Waugh from Email

Hey, Hey, just wanted to say you guys are awesome, great service and great range. Keep up the good job :) Keep up the good job :)
Josh Hemming from Facebook

Ozgameshop Rocks! 10/10 for pricing compared to local! 10/10 for service! 10/10 for free postage! 10/10 for customer offers! 10/10 for product listing! 10/10 for everything!!! I have dealt with Seanie and Kate many times and I would like to thank them for all the support they have provided me with. Thanks heaps Ozgameshop and keep up the good work! ^_^
Matthew Gomes from Facebook

Amazing site..cheapest games and best deals I've seen anywhere..and free postage makes it even better :)
Brendan Hazell from Facebook

Been looking for the Back to the Future game everywhere, you guys were the only place that had it, at such a great price and was delivered on time if not earlier. Also been talking to your guys about future purchases and pre-orders has been made so much easier, you keep it short and sweet as well as do what you can to help me out. Extremely Happy with the services and will definitely buy from you guys again. Cheers
Terence Bouboulis from Email

Hey there, just wanted to say a big thank you! You guys always deliver quickly and prices are excellent. So glad I was directed to go to you guys to get games etc. :) Never shop anywhere else for games these days! Cheers
'Indigo Myst' from Facebook

Just wanted to provide your you and Ozgameshop.com some positive feedback. Ever since I registered and commenced ordering through Ozgameshop.com I have enjoyed the experience, timely service and the excellent communications – keep it up guys!! Kate, thanking you for the timely response to my email about this game. It is good to get a personal response as apposed to an automatic generated answer – pass this feedback to your management. When I talk about buying software / hardware to friends I always direct people to you – you guys can be trusted to deliver….excellent customer service. Happy to do business with you in the future – all the best
Ian Woodward from Email

Just wanted to pass on that I think you do a fantastic job. Great prices and even more importantly, great customer service. If you had a feedback system I would rate ++++++ EVERY TIME!
Lyndon Smith from Email

Just made my 25th order (the witcher 2 for xbox) with you guys, a few were two or more games at a time. Just want to say I'm still loving the low prices, free shipping and HUGE selection!! Also your customer service is outstanding. You guys are awesome and are saving me a small fortune. Keep up the good work!!! A long term customer
Jai Raymon Ritter from Facebook

Ozgameshop is by far the best game shop I have come across to date. You can't get much better than low prices, high service, and free shipping. So far I've spent a few hundred dollars and never once been disappointed. If you can wait a week or two to get your game on then it's well worth it. 5/5 Can't wait to save on my next purchase!
Jonny Marshall from Email

Absolutely not a problem regarding headphones... I will just order a different type for my son. You guys/gals ROCK. You are decent and kind enough to send out an email regarding what most companies would probably disregard as too irrelevant. I haven't purchased a lot from you so far, but what I have has been excellent and trouble free...so thank you and keep up the good work. Again, you ROCK.
Clive Groome from Email

Once again have received my game in next to no time! As far as online customer service goes, you guys are the best! Keep up the good work!
Oakley Abela from Facebook

To anyone considering ordering from OzGameShop for the first time, but uneasy, here is our very positive experience. The prices were unbeatable, and with free delivery offered we were naturally suspicious. But we checked out many references on the web and all came up clean. So we went ahead. We found it to be one of the best merchandising websites I have seen. We paid with PayPal received regular order status updates and the order arrived in Sydney, ahead of schedule, well packed and in perfect condition. We will be using OzGameShop for all our future gaming orders.
Jim from Sydney from Email

Received my 5th order from you guys today, you guys are a life saver! This is where my games will be bought from now on. Cheers fellas
Jamal Hzaife from Facebook

Props to @ozgameshop Customer Service: A+ This is why their Unboxed's official provider
Nick Gipson from Twitter

Hey guys just want to say how great your store is, saves me soooo much $$. Fast postage and all legit gear. Keep up the great work!
Daniel Aubrey from Facebook

Just ordered Rayman Origins (360) using my Player Points voucher - just want to say again how awesome you guys are!
The Cracks from Twitter

S/O to @ozgameshop appreciate the turn around on my order & support team for responding to my questions straight away #loveurwork
Zoran Joveski from Twitter

Very happy, only took 7 days to get Photoshop Elements 10 software. This was my first purchase, so far so good ;)
Steve Foster from Whirlpool

you guys are really amazing, I love ordering from you, you have the best prices and I know I can always trust you, I hope you Stay forever!
Weiping Li from Facebook

Just wanted to mention that it is great to see a rep like ozgameshop - Tom so active on Whirlpool - a big :D for you! Been a while since I last bought something from Ozgameshop, but I still do play my part though... most posts for Ozgameshop on Ozbargain ; )
Kirt from Whirlpool

Good service again! :) For the second time I've received my order in under 6 working days :)
Brendan Smith from Facebook

Hooray! got my games after a day under 2 weeks, thanks again guys, sterling service.
Maqdo from Whirlpool

Received UFC 3 today. 6 working days! Arrived in perfect condition. As usual, very happy with the great service
Rusty1989 from Whirlpool

@ozgameshop You're the greatest, cheers!!!
Scotty G from Twitter

Just ordered SSX for PS3, saved a bundle once again thanks to ozgameshop
John Walter from Twitter

Yay, Tomb Raider Collection arrived. Thanks for being so cheap, I don't shop for games anywhere else!
Jack from Twitter

Yep, you guys are awesome. I'm buying all my games from you now!
John Walter from Twitter

I absolutely love you guys and gals as you save me a fortune. My only request is: would it be possible for you to create a 'wish list' as well as the 'cart'. The reason is that your flyers have so many awesome things I've never thought about so I add them to my cart. Unfortunately my budget does not meet my desires. So as I can afford it I delete the items from my cart for 'next time' and buy what I can. Then I try and remember all the cool things that were in the cart so I can add them again for my next burst of cash. If I had a wish list I could move the items slowly over to the cart as I can afford them.
Dash Starkey from Facebook

Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work. Received my latest order in perfect condition yet again. There honestly isn't a better place to shop for games and electronics online. Have a nice day :)
Yvonne Tran from Facebook

Hi, I just wanted to give you feedback for the service you have provided to me so far. I have only made 5 orders through your website, but I must say that with each order I have received all items and within a better than expected time frame. I have not had to chase any orders up because they have been delivered exactly as ordered even when you had to send 1 item separate from the rest of a long order. So please pass on to all involved my thanks for your great service and for products fantastic prices. I will continue to be a very satisfied customer of yours and I have already referred many friends and family to your website.
Dane Clark from Facebook

Love your work. Ordered from you guys for the first time and it arrived in the promised time. Thanks heaps guys, keep it up! :)
Josh Hopper Ross from Facebook

On Friday I recieved my copie of Jak and Daxter The HD collection and I just wanted to thank you guys for your outstanding service and prices I defiantly will not be buying retail anymore THANKS :D
Jordan Dipietro from Facebook

Hey oz Just writing to say thanks! Kingdom Of Amalur arrived today! 8 working days from order to in my hand! Coming from the uk that's pretty dam good. Keep up the good work! Cheers
Michael Brooks from Facebook

Customer service is the best! (:
Zee Zakaraya from Facebook

Thanks guys, I got an email just a few hours ago confirming SSX has been dispatched, a week early too. Nice job as always! Will have to get some more items next week. Thanks again!
Alex Mark from Facebook

Love your cheap games guys!, finally found a cheap xbox live gold 4 12 months!!!! thx
Ethan Gonzaga from Facebook

I just knew you'd bring back the Mass Effect CE for my birthday! Cheers :D
Daniel Flynn from Facebook

Heya guys just wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery of my games (they came today) I love them all and 6 games for 120? That's the best $$ I have ever spent. Many a late night coming my way now haha. So good infact I placed another order already =D Cheers!!
Peter Jones from Facebook

Hey Ozgameshop. I have just received my copy of Dead Island and I just want to thank everyone that is involved with this amazing site. I will be sure to purchase plenty more items from you. Thanks guys
Doug Morrison from Facebook

So before trying you guys I did research on the forums, and what I gathered was it takes around 2 weeks to get an item and sometimes longer. But for your prices I couldn't resist. So I tried ordering from you guys. And 3 days later it shows up. I am very impressed and just want to give a shout out, and to anyone that's not quite sure these guys are great. Scored yourself another customer. Thanks Ozgameshop!
Nicholas Semple from Facebook

Thanks guys, I got an email just a few hours ago confirming SSX has been dispatched, a week early too. Nice job as always! Will have to get some more items next week Thanks again!
Alex Mark from Facebook