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Grand Theft Auto GTA V (Five 5) Game Xbox 360 Product Description

Grand Theft Auto V returns to the familiar city of Los Santos, but with all-new lead characters. Building on the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City, GTA V offers up multiple playable characters, with three new protagonists to guide around the Lost Santos streets.

First up is Michael, a retired bank robber who was living comfortably off his "earnings" following a deal with the FIB, but forced bank into the game after his wife gets a little to spend-happy. Then there's former military pilot Trevor, now a frequent drug user who does what he needs to scrape a living on the edge of society. Rounding up the trio is Franklin, a hustler who scams kids into buying cars they can't afford and then repossess them.

Michael, Trevor and Franklin each have their own lives, stories and hobbies, but the paths of the three characters will cross throughout the game. You have the chance to switch between them at any off-mission point of the game – and even during the missions they take part in together to keep you close to the action at all times.

A wealth of new missions await in Grand Theft Auto V, offering up a variety of mission styles for both individual and multiple participants. Unlike previous games in the series, complex finale-style missions are peppered throughout the characters' narratives, with heists providing a core part of the gameplay, and a renewed focus on prepping for each crime. And missions get a little more tension, too, with the introduction of a score, another first for the GTA series.

The Los Santos of Grand Theft Auto V is larger than ever before. Combining elements of Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption with classic GTA open-world gameplay, locations within the city and beyond are yours to explore and to make your playground. There's the beachfronts, including the chance to explore the ocean floor along the coastline. Or there's the suburban hills, the wilderness around Mount Chiliad, and a new military base. You can even find yourself in the middle of wine country!

Los Santos isn't the only part of Grand Theft Auto V to get a west-coast facelift, with enhanced gameplay mechanics throughout. Melee combat and shooting controls have been improved, as has the driving mechanic. And with improved driving and a wider area to explore, there are even more vehicles than ever before – the range of cars is joined by BMX and mountain bikes, road motorcycles and dirt bikes, ATVs, jet skis, helicopters and planes.

As if that's not enough, to keep all your characters occupied between heists, the off-mission activities have also been given a boost, with more immersive mini-games and side missions. Yoga, base-jumping, tennis, triathlons and a full 18-hole golf game now make up life in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.

  •  New characters take the lead, with three playable main characters and their own individual stories
  •  All-new missions for individual and multiple characters
  •  A massive open-world to explore, the largest in GTA history
  •  Enhanced gameplay mechanics
  •  More vehicles and off-mission activities

Reviews of Grand Theft Auto GTA V (Five 5) Game Xbox 360

A Brilliant Game and by far is the best GTA that i have played. it has an excellent campaign and really lives up to my standards especially with the graphics and sound quality as it is one of the best games i have ever played on the xbox 360 console. the one thing that i like about the game is the heists as you get to rob a jewellery store and heist millions of dollars. Happy that the map is already unlocked so you can go and check out the map before completing the story mode of GTA V. Thanks Rockstar Games

January 19th 2015
  • rated this product 4.5 out of 5 stars
Grand Theft Auto V, Is a Addictive Game and a Game That you can always come back to play even after finishing it multiple times. The Game has good graphics compared to GTA IV, and it has upgraded pretty much everything from GTA IV. The Game is one of the best Games from 2013, Actually I would go as far to say it is the 2nd Best Game of 2013 next 'The Last Of Us'. So if are a gamer of any type and any Console then you need to try this.

December 28th 2014
  • rated this product 5.0 out of 5 stars
I never quite thought I'd say this but I'm slightly disappointed with a GTA game. I mean a disappointing GTA game is still head and shoulders above nearly every other game out there hence the 5 stars but whilst the gameplay was top notch, the story was just a bit flat and 2 of the 3 the characters were rather forgettable. Trevor was memorable, mad and fit perfectly into the GTA universe, Michael felt like an older Tommy Vercetti which I suspect he was supposed to mirror and that kind of worked but Franklin? Dull as dishwater and would have been the ideal place to have put a female protagonist since they effectively just made a CJ Lite and called it a day. The concept of the heist based story arc was fantastic and the execution of it was good but it feels like they were over almost as soon as they began. The online component is good fun when you're running missions with friends but kind of feels like a fairly generic hectic multiplayer thing if you're in open world free roam. At least for my taste it's better in private games with friends. The game is great, no question but great feels like the minimum you should expect from a GTA game

July 27th 2014
  • rated this product 5.0 out of 5 stars
WIthout a doubt my faourite rockstar game, being able to use three different characters in free mode is a great addition i hope they keep in future releases, the online game story is just as good as the free mode story. Defiantly recogmned it to people who havent played it

June 8th 2014
  • rated this product 4.0 out of 5 stars
This it what it was all building upto. This is the COMPLETE GTA experience. While the story is still not as good as earlier efforts and does not get as crazy/fun as Saints Row 3/4 it is still a solid effort. Where this game really shines is in its amazing recreation of Los Santos. This is the most dense GTA has ever been. There is so much to do in this world that you can play this game for months and still find something new. Trevor is an amazing character to play and has the best missions. This game would have been a 5/5 if it was not for the catastrophic failure that the multiplayer was. Initially the servers were down for ages and when they cam online, the gameplay just did not work will in multiplayer. Still a great game.

March 29th 2014

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