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    Bravely Default Game 3DS

    Bravely Default Game 3DS

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    Product Description

    Bravely Default Game 3DS

    Embark on a journey in the world of Luxendarc, the welfare of which relies on four elemental crystals.

    According to tradition, crystals are looked after by chosen priestesses, the vestals, who all bear the name Oblige. As of late, terrible events have befallen the land and the power of the crystals seems to
    be waning.

    Follow the quest of Agnès Oblige, the Vestal of Wind, and her companions, as they race to restore balance in Luxendarc by awakening the crystals.

    Bravely Default Features

    • Traditional JRPG feel with an inventive storyline involving parallel worlds.
    • Ground-breaking Brave/Default system makes for engaging battles.
    • Exchange profiles with other players to learn abilities or summon them in battle.
    • Take a break from the main adventure by rebuilding the village of Norende.
    • Choose between many jobs, equipment and abilities to customize your party.

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    Customer Reviews

    by Nathan on September 1st 2016

    If you miss the good old days of Final Fantasy, this is the game for you. That isn't to say it is not innovative. It manages to capture the feel of final fantasy in tone, in story, in characterisation music and of course the beautiful aesthetic and in this it is nostalgic. However it is certainly a game that seeks to innovate as well in its Brave and Default combat system where by you can conserve turns to use at a later point in the combat. Surprisingly it is largely voice acted which is pretty amazing for a game that is 60 to 100 hours in length.

    by Skye on January 14th 2016

    With this game I did something that I rarely do; Finish it and clock over 100 hours. I'm a loyal, veteran JRPG fan. Now days I research games thoroughly before purchase so I can try to ensure that I get the most out of my favorite hobby in the little spare time that I have. I'd heard good reviews of Bravely Default but I did not know what I was getting in to... Bravely Default did something that I like and that is capture my attention with its story and characters within the first couple of hours. My driving force behind playing a RPG is usually the story and unfortunately many games can be very slow to get going or are just lack luster. The next thing it did was ease you in to an easy to learn but hard to master battle system. Yes I love a good story but I also need a good battle system. Thus, I'm not a fan of action RPGs and much prefer turn-based, strategy or if it is action/real time based it better have some strategy to it. This falls in to turn-based which is something more rarely done now days. Bravely Default not only has a great classic take on turn based battles but it adds something new, unique and fun and that is the Bravely / Default system. You can choose to defend / default and by doing so you earn one action point up to an amount of 4 which you can execute when you need them most, making it possible to execute 4 moves at once. Not only that but you can Brave which lets you do the same even if you have no action points, it simply takes them in to a minus and you will have to wait for it to recharge. You have 4 characters to control and over 20 job classes all with a range of job exclusive skills. A lot of the job classes you can obtain are optional. This game offers a lot of optional content. So you can speed run through the story as quick as you like or like me you can opt for completionist and gain all the additional jobs, do all the side quests, etc. It doesn't force you to but it's great to have the option. Also be warned there are a couple times where the game takes a huge difficulty spike and it forced me to do a lot of grinding. In a lot of senses this is a classic, nostalgic JRPG and everything you expect from such. It certainly does do its own thing though. Oh and I must add that the females in this game are strong and independent (to put it without breaking any rules) which is good to see. On to some of the bad... Yes it's true that the story gets... annoying in the second half of the game. It's an important part of the story but they stretched it out longer than they needed to. BUT there is the option to fast track this is you like. As I said, by not doing so you can unlock a lot of the extra content, if you're patient enough. The difficulty is hard and you'll likely end up doing a lot of grinding, but then again it depends if you're taking on harder optional bosses and such. The game does let you tweak the settings and make choices so that you can play it how you want to play it which is nice. There is so much I could write about Bravely Default. Basically, it far exceeded my expectations and is a solid, nostalgic yet fresh addition to the portable JRPG genre. It is a big, big game for a portable so you will get your moneys worth if you happen to be a turn-based, hardcore JRPG fan.

    by Scott on March 9th 2015

    Very very happy with my purchase of Bravely Default on 3DS. Fast delivery and the game is amazing! There is so much to do in this JRPG and lots of fun to be had. The game has many hours of game play, you will love it just as much as me! Bravely Default is cheapest to buy at OzGameShop so get yours now you will not be disappointed!

    by Thow on July 2nd 2014

    I am not a hardcore RPG gamer but I enjoyed this game from the start to finish. The problem I have with most RPGs is super long battles that feels tedious and hours of grinding just to sufficiently level up my characters. However, Bravely Default does not feel like that at all. Encounter rates can be turned up and even off. There is an Auto Battle mode that allows you to grind for extra few levels while watching the TV. I think the game mechanics is good for people new to the RPG genre. Streetpass is used creatively where you can gain extra villager to help you build your town for bonus items and you can send and receive attacks that you can save up and use at a later time. They are not vital to the story, but it is a nice touch. My main concern at the beginning was the Sleep Points (SP) where there is in game purchase. But rest assured, it is not difficult to get (just put your 3ds on sleep mode for 8 hours while in game for each point). You can play the game easily without it too and it doesn't play a big role like freemium games on phones. The artwork looks amazing and I fell in love with the music. It doesn't become distracting during exploration. Storyline is not bad and at the same time not amazing. However, all conversations are voiced (by good VA) and this really makes the game more engaging. So with the voice acting and good visual/audio, fun Brave/Default mechanics makes this game truly enjoyable. A good 80 hours spent in the first playthrough testing different jobs combo and all the side missions. Recommended to all new and old (J)RPG players.

    by Helen on April 20th 2014

    Excellent RPG game. My first final fantasy game, the jobs classes were a little bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you get hook to seeking different team and ability combination to max out your damage points. Lovely storyline, and a lot of side quest that you can choice to perform (highly recommend doing them as they let you gain access to different job class!!). The Brave and Default system is very interesting and does change the game dynamic quite a bit, making it even though is turn base, strategies can be involved in planning your next moves. I absolutely adore the graphic and the music is the usual final fantasy style - lovely and addictive!! cannot wait for the next one!. Must have for all RPG player! and oh - the length of the game... makes the price totally worthwhile!!!

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    Additional Information

    Software Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
    Manual Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian
    Genre Role-Playing Game

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