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    Bravely Default Game 3DS

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    Customer Reviews

    by Pui Ki on January 9th 2014

    Bravely Default is a breath of fresh air in modern JRPG. The game keeps what is great about the genre, giving it an interesting story, characters with unique personalities, beautiful graphics and well arranged music. However, the best feature of the game must go to the wonderful brave and default battle system. In simple terms, it works like this: When your party goes into battle, you usually start off with 0 turn points. Each of your four party members can either use a turn or conserve that turn (thus earn turn points plus acts as defense). Unlike traditional RPG, where you can only use one move per turn, you can use turns in advance if you wish, but that means you won't get to move until your enemies made their moves. The game has nice little touches such as remembering which attack you use on which enemy, so let's say if you wish to use the magic fire on enemy B four times in a roll, you don't have to go through the attack menu tediously to select the move. There is also the job system, which allows your characters to learn different skills and abilities from each jobs and use them in battle and dungeons. JRPG fans will be happy to know that there are plenty of event scenes for the story and they are all voiced. There are extra party conversations to enrich the story. Nearly all events and party conversation are skippable. I have yet to finish the game, but according the a friend, the main story can take up to 60 hours to complete, so it looks to worth every dollar you spend on it.

    by Ryan on March 3rd 2014

    This game is honestly one of the best JRPGs I have played in a long time. It's really great to see a game going back to the way old RPGs used to be, back when they were amazing games. Honestly, I'm really glad to see this game. The combat system is so much fun and adds a new twist to the old-school turn-based battle system with the addition of the Brave and Default system. There is a vast variety of job classes to obtain each with their own unique skills, attack, strengths and weaknesses. The graphics are beautiful, simple yet still captivating to the eye with each new landscape. I've seen a lot of reviews that say the voice acting for the game is bad. I disagree with this, I personally love the voice acting for this game. Sure it's rather clichéd at times but it suits the style of the game. I like all four of the main characters and each of them develop quite a lot throughout the game, it's really nice to see their relationship's deepen as the world unfolds around them. The fact that 98% of the game is voiced is a big plus for me. Now I haven't finished the game yet, I'm only up to chapter 6 and I have already put almost 70 hours into the game, this is really great for me. I've missed the JRPGs that take ages to finish and really keep you interested right till the end. The storyline is the classic crystals scenario but with it's own unique aspects. The story has points at which it may be predictable but it also has parts where it throws out something completely unexpected. All in all, this game gets a perfect 5 stars for me because it truly deserves it. There is really nothing about this game I do not like. It's going to be very difficult for any of the new games coming out this year to top this one for me. This game is amazing and I think any fan of JRPGs should definitely pick it up.

    by David on April 2nd 2014

    Great game, the last few chapters are a big let down but the ending and final boss are worth the effort. This and Fire Emblem Awakening have pushed their way into my all time favourite games list. Anyone with a 3ds should own this game.

    by Helen on April 20th 2014

    Excellent RPG game. My first final fantasy game, the jobs classes were a little bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it you get hook to seeking different team and ability combination to max out your damage points. Lovely storyline, and a lot of side quest that you can choice to perform (highly recommend doing them as they let you gain access to different job class!!). The Brave and Default system is very interesting and does change the game dynamic quite a bit, making it even though is turn base, strategies can be involved in planning your next moves. I absolutely adore the graphic and the music is the usual final fantasy style - lovely and addictive!! cannot wait for the next one!. Must have for all RPG player! and oh - the length of the game... makes the price totally worthwhile!!!

    by Thow on July 2nd 2014

    I am not a hardcore RPG gamer but I enjoyed this game from the start to finish. The problem I have with most RPGs is super long battles that feels tedious and hours of grinding just to sufficiently level up my characters. However, Bravely Default does not feel like that at all. Encounter rates can be turned up and even off. There is an Auto Battle mode that allows you to grind for extra few levels while watching the TV. I think the game mechanics is good for people new to the RPG genre. Streetpass is used creatively where you can gain extra villager to help you build your town for bonus items and you can send and receive attacks that you can save up and use at a later time. They are not vital to the story, but it is a nice touch. My main concern at the beginning was the Sleep Points (SP) where there is in game purchase. But rest assured, it is not difficult to get (just put your 3ds on sleep mode for 8 hours while in game for each point). You can play the game easily without it too and it doesn't play a big role like freemium games on phones. The artwork looks amazing and I fell in love with the music. It doesn't become distracting during exploration. Storyline is not bad and at the same time not amazing. However, all conversations are voiced (by good VA) and this really makes the game more engaging. So with the voice acting and good visual/audio, fun Brave/Default mechanics makes this game truly enjoyable. A good 80 hours spent in the first playthrough testing different jobs combo and all the side missions. Recommended to all new and old (J)RPG players.

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