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Resident Evil The Mercenaries Game 3DS

Resident Evil The Mercenaries Game 3DS

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Product Description

Resident Evil The Mercenaries Game 3DS

For the first time Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D delivers the intense Mercenaries gameplay experience on a handheld console. Featuring re-mastered stages from Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, it’s a race against time as players try to defeat as many enemies as possible before the countdown reaches zero. The fast-paced, combat intensive action of Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D is available both as a solo experience or gamers across the world can team up and enjoy two-player co-op via network play.

Gamers will have the opportunity to tackle the game’s missions with legendary Resident Evil characters from past and present. These include Chris Redfield, Krauser, Hunk and, making her debut in a Mercenaries game, Claire Redfield.

While the gameplay will be familiar to those who have previously played Mercenaries, changes have been implemented to take advantage of the new hardware, most notably the transforming the stages and characters to full 3D plus the ability for players to move and shoot and the addition of touch screen functionality to switch weapons on the fly.

  • 8 different playable characters all with at least 1 change of costume – including series favourites Chris Redfield from RE5, Hunk & Krauser from RE 4 . . . with more to be revealed soon
  • 1 or 2 players – Ad Hoc and Nintendo Wi-Fi connection
  • 30 missions over 12 stages and 2 different game modes
  • In depth skill and abilities unlock system that encourages and rewards replaying. Skills and abilities include health, weapons damage, customisation etc
  • 2 different game modes – 'scene attack' and 'survival'

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Customer Reviews

by Hayden on April 4th 2016

Simply put, this game, mechanically, plays almost identically to the mercenaries mini game from Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. It includes 8 characters, and 1 alternative costume for each character. Each character comes with their own loadout of weapons, and there is also a bonus set you can use play coins to purchase (Around 20 Play Coins if I recall correctly) bringing you to a total of 9 weapon sets to choose from. You can buy each set with Play Coins to make them available for all characters, or you can just use the character that owns that weapon set. Each character also has their own set of Melee moves, taunts and animations creating a greater sense of uniqueness to every character. You unlock more characters, and eventually their alternate outfits, as you play and successfully complete levels. This can all be done in single player, and most of the later levels (Those that are not tutorial levels) can be played in multiplayer either through local play or over the internet, with the choice to specifically join a friends game rather than a random game. In my experiences I have had no issues with the netcode playing through the whole game with a friend whom I bought a copy of the game with the sole purpose of playing through the entirety of the game with. The game adds a 'skill' system, which introduces the ability to equip three unlocked skills on your characters. Your skills carry across to all characters and will level up through play as you use them, generally gaining a special bonus passive for having them equipped when at maximum level. An example of this is the medic skill (Which boosts how effective you are at healing yourself and your partner with herbs) granting a small amount of lifesteal from a critical hit when at Level 3 (The maximum level for all skills). There are a wide variety of skills ranging from boosting attack power of certain weapons to adding lightning damage to melee attacks or granting extra damage for jumping down onto an enemy, opening the game up to more customisation and variety of playstyles than any previous rendition of the mercenaries has. The difficulty of the game as you progress is perfect for any veterans of Resident evil 5's mercenaries game, with the EX-Levels providing a significant challenge even to experienced players. The stages in the game are recycled locations from Resident evil 4 and Resident evil 5, so don't expect new locations or settings. That being said, the stages are varied in their layout, size and aesthetic appearance. There are 8 stages in total, 5 of which come from Resident evil 5, with the remaining 3 coming from Resident evil 4. The enemy variety in the game is sufficient enough, but there is certainly a missed opportunity in the exclusion of some enemy types, such as the plaga-infected villagers (ganados) from Resident evil 4, which is made even stranger when considering that one of the stages is the village that those ganado enemies occupied in the game. Overall I found this game highly enjoyable and have garnered well over 35 hours of play from this game so far, and I do see myself continuing to play a few rounds of this with my close friends in the future. If you were a fan of the Mercenaries mini games than this game is for you, and I hope you get the same enjoyment from it that I have.

by Di on September 27th 2014

I am terrible at the Mercenary mode on RE 4 and 5, but this game is surprisingly playable and addictive! It's got a simplified inventory system so you won't be fumbling through the UI in RE5 just to change weapons or heal. 8 playable characters so there'll be at least one you like and they all have unique moves. You can also switch their loadout to customise your experience. Even if you're no good at Mercenaries (like me) this game does a good job at easing you into the difficulty and before long you'll be popping heads like a pro. As a matter of fact, this game improved my skills so much I was able to go back to RE5 mercenaries a clear every single mission (when I wasn't able to clear a single one before!) Give it a shot!

by Andrew on December 26th 2013

A fun game, but definitely not worth the price. It's nothing more than a port of the Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 5. Mechanically, the game is fun, but the game has graphical issues. Far off enemies animations become choppier than a slideshow presentation, and playing with the 3D on makes sniping nigh impossible due to how the cross-hairs work, and the game is too brief to justify an asking price of anything higher than about $5. Overall, can't recommend. Just go buy Resident Evil 5.

by Ranil on August 2nd 2013

Resident Evil The Mercenaries is an average game that suffers from repetitive gameplay, average graphics and terrible controls. Based on the same mode seen in Resident evil 4 & 5, it must be said as a fully fledged game it does not work. There is no story or context to anything. Its all about the action which becomes boring and repetitive. The controls are not mapped out well to the 3DS so they are somewhat cumbersome. If you want a great horror game check Resident Evil Revelations instead.

by Ben on March 15th 2013

You've played the Mercenaries minigames that you unlock at the end of several Resident Evil titles, right? Well, that's exactly what this is. While gunning down zombies on an assortment of maps with several characters may be fun initially, the game quickly becomes repetitive. Although an excellent looking game visually, low framerate can be expected with many enemies on screen. Honestly, if you want a Resident Evil experience on the 3DS, go for Revelations. It's a far better game. In fact, it's a complete game - not just a mini-game like Mercenaries.

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Additional Information

Software Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Manual Language English
Genre Action/Adventure, Action/Shooter
“Fantastic and easy to use - 10/10!”
— Paul Lester



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