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    Destroy All Humans Remake - Game Review

    The day has finally come! I've been eagerly eyeing this release since it was revealed mid last year and seeing how it would shape up to the best of the new influx of remakes we've had in recent years. Its time to dust off our anal probe guns and Destroy All Humans!

    Destroy All Humans Gameplay

    Let's kick this off with the obvious thing to come of the remake which is the updated graphics. The developers have done a great job here, each area in the game looks fantastic as you'll find yourself in lots of different environments ranging from farms, to suburbs to a military base and they've all got great detail and distinction. The npc’s have had the same treatment and have some really good detail too albeit they are massively exaggerated.

    Crypto is the star of the show just like in the originals as his sadistic approach to humans and his disgust is shown perfectly in cutscenes and the voice acting for Pox and Crypto is just as good as we remember. The humour hits home for me as well, from reading people's minds to even the loading screens generally left me with a grin on my face. None of the jokes or material have been changed from the 2005 original though which is something the developers have been sure to tell people before they jump in.

    Destroy All Humans Gameplay

    The missions you will be doing vary quite a bit which is great as in one you'll find yourself disguising yourself as a human to sneak into restricted areas to try and complete a secret task. But in another you'll be causing outright mayhem, reducing cops to skeletons with your disintegrator gun. A couple missions do show their age when you're having to protect an object/objects from a set of enemy waves but thankfully the checkpointing is forgiving and these missions are few and far between.

    You can jump back into the areas that you've completed missions in to free roam the area with no real objective. They're challenges scattered around the areas where you get marked out of three stars which are a fun distraction and you can try and find all the hidden DNA in the area which can then be used on the rewarding but not particularly deep upgrade system.

    Destroy All Humans Gameplay

    Big changes have been made to the way crypto moves about and they are very welcome additions. In the original, crypto always felt slightly stiff to me but no longer as they've made changes to the way crypto runs and uses his jetpack and brought in a new movement feature which is called the dash. This can be used to quickly get out of situations and can be upgraded so that crypto can hover round the battlefield kind of like he's riding a skateboard

    Overall Destroy All Humans is a quality remake of an absolute classic, it sticks to the original almost completely even if it's sometimes at its own detriment. Now all we need is to have a remake of the sequel as that one was one of my beloved games as a kid and I'm dying to experience it in current generation graphics!

    Would you like to purchase this BRAND NEW GAME? Simply click here to buy and begin to Destroy All Humans! Also, let us know your thoughts on this classic game remade for a modern era on social media by using the hashtag #DAHRemake!

    Posted by: Luke

    Luke is a massive console gamer! He likes any type of gaming genre but if he had to choose, it would be RPG and a close second would be shooting!

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