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Super Mario Odyssey

Travel the World in Super Mario Odyssey

Released: 27th October 2017

In his latest adventure, Mario’s got an entire world to explore! Super Mario Odyssey is the first sandbox game since Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

Jump Up, Super Star!

Super Mario Odyssey Summary

Princess Peach has gone missing yet again, and it’s up to Mario to rescue her from Bowser’s clutches! This time, the dastardly villain is planning a lavish, no-expense-spared wedding so he can finally tie the knot with poor Peach.

Team up with Cappy!

Mario isn’t alone in his quest to track down Bowser – he’s got a new friend in the form of Cappy, a mysterious character from the land of hats who’s transformed himself into Mario’s trademark red cap. Use Mario’s cap to take out enemies or to jump higher. He can even harness its powers to capture enemies, including Goombas and Chain Chomps, as well as Safety Bars, taxis and…a T-Rex?!