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Dead Space 3 Game PC

Dead Space 3 Game PC

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Product Description

Dead Space 3 Game PC

  • A tense new story delving into the secrets of the Necromorphs - and the Markers
  • Face a hostile new environment on a planet of ice
  • Team up against the Necromorph threat with series-first co-op option
  • Upgrade your weapons with the new Weapons Bench system

Dead Space 3 delves further into the secrets of the Necromorphs and the mysterious Unitologists, as you follow Isaac Clarke on his mission to save humanity from the reanimated, mutated threat. Clarke's quest to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak takes you to Tau Volantis, a key location in the backstory of the Markers, the mysterious monoliths worshipped by the Unitologists, and which may hold the key to mankind's victory.

Tau Volantis offers a hostile new environment for Dead Space, replacing the series' traditional black of space with the harsh white snowstorms of this ice planet. As you travel through the frozen wastes you'll need to overcome everything this environment - and it's many side-missions - throws at you, from abandoned encampments and underworld cities, to treacherous ice-climbs and the ever-ominous threat of an avalanche. On top of this, the white void of Tau Volantis is just as deadly and unpredictable as the black void of space, with deadly creatures and other shocks awaiting in the blizzard, offering familiar gameplay for long-term fans of the series.

There's new gameplay coming to the series, too, with the introduction of a new co-op mode. Say hello to Sgt John Carver, a fellow Necromorph survivor who can join the campaign in optional drop-in/drop-out co-op. Playing in co-op mode can reveal additional story details, and players will each have a slightly different experience as dementia kicks in, with one player seeing things the other does not. It also enhances the action and combat as part of the game's new cover system as you team-up to face the Necromorphs together.

Combat gets a further boost as the series' traditional Bench weapon upgrade system is itself upgraded to the new Weapons Bench. Scavenge the harse environments for raw materials and scraps, and the Weapons Bench can be used to construct them into makeshift weapons. You can also build new weapons out of existing ones to create new tools of war to take out your enemies. The RIG (Resource Intergration Gear) suit also returns to display your health and weapon count via a holographic display - particularly handy in the vacuum of space as it tells you how much oxygen you have left.

Customer Reviews

by Sandra on September 9th 2013

A good game I would say but it was a let down considering how little they added, I came to expected some new innovations from the devs, but all it did was remind me of DS 2, that being said, this game IS fun, there is something satisfying about blowing limbs of necromorphs. The scares are fun as hell, and if you are a fan of horror/FPS/Rpg combos this is the game for you.

by Mitchell on February 24th 2013

I've recently bought Dead Space 2 and it was the first dead space game I have played and the game just blew me away, The graphics were amazing and the game play was phenomenal. The way they have set the game out just makes me believe that DS3 will be a brilliant game and the co-op sounds like it will be an enticing thing to have in the game.

by Brett on February 11th 2013

Was really hanging out for this, and whilst I wouldnt say Im disappointed, it could have been better. The story line is utter rubbish, but this game has some of the best action sequences I've ever played. The graphics range from gorgeous to solid, and the sound is top notch. Dare you to try playing this in the dark with surround sound system turned right up..

by Reece on December 11th 2012

Really looking forward to this, have been for a while. I think the main feature that has me so enthralled is the fact that Co-op is not essential to the story. So, if I want the full single player run and gun survival gameplay, it's there. If I want to destroy everything in sight with a bud, that's there too, but it's not essential or interfering like Resident evil 5. Custom guns is also a pretty awesome perk XD

by Sam on November 16th 2012

This is my 2nd most anticipated game (1st being Metro: Last Light). The first two Dead Space games were awesome~! Tho in my opinion DS1 was better than DS2, it had more scary horror bits in it :D. But now they've added Co-op which is 1 of the best things you could possibly do, even more so with customisable weapons!!! Can't wait :)

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