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Soul Calibur V 5 Game PS3
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Customer Reviews

by Marina on June 14th 2012

A great fighting game if you're into the Soul Calibur series.<br />I found the gameplay of SC 5 to be much more approachable than the last instalment of this franchise.<br />Once you get the hang of the fighting system it is very easy to participate at both a amateur and Pro level.<br /><br />There is only one main story this time around which deals with the new character of Patroklos and his little sister, Pyrrha. So, if you were really into the story of Soul Calibur and its characters, you may find that the narrative is a little anaemic.<br /><br />Some of the series staple classic characters such as Taki, Kilik and Xianghua has been replaced with new characters who are just basically character clones of the originals - similar costumes, same fighting styles.<br /><br />One of the big draw cards for Me was the inclusion of Ezio Auditore from the Assassin's Creed series as a playable character. I believe that Project Soul (the developers) did a very descent job of implementing Ezio's moves into the SC combat framework. <br /><br />All up, this is a great addition to the Soul Calibur franchise and an excellent addition to your videogame library.<br /><br />My own personal Con:<br />The Character Creation system is slightly more versatile this time around, but there are still limitations to the amount of customization which can be added to existing characters or to the ones that you have created yourself. Custom parts still conflict with one another if certain clothing objects are from the same category; for example - if there is a pair of pants in the same category as a shirt , you wont' be able to equip both items because they come from the same category. So, a lot of tinkering with parts in involved and you may also have to alter, sacrifice or completely abandoned some of your designs because the game simply will not allow you to use the parts you want. This can be very annoying when your design looked so perfect.

by Angelo on August 7th 2012

SoulCalibur 5 is a spectacular game of its genre. From Soul Calibur 4, they have improved the game mechanics to become more sleek and fun, making it much more easy for people to jump in, and learn. Though, like any fighting game, the game now offers a feeling of much depth, a system to be mastered that was impressive when it is, unlike Soulcalibur 4, that seems to lack that sort of reward. SoulCalibur 5 also brings back character customization into the spotlight, with some more "sensible" customizing ability and much more reasonable loading times. The graphics look as though they were taken straight from SoulCalibur 4, which is a good thing, and improved upon to the point things move quicker, and manage to look more impressive. While the story is a bit short, I found it to be a very good one, although shocking to SoulClibur fans, and something most should enjoy if they don't mind a narrative within their fighting games. If not, a classic arcade mode, a quick battle where you compete for titles, and a legendary battle mode are all offered to add more depth to the lonely SoulCalibur man. Now, for all the lonely online SoulCalibur players, online makes a return with improvements all around. The only place where I'm disappointed, is in fighting styles. After a while, you start getting characters that are blatant clones of past ones, offering nothing new except slightly different controls, and even then. Despite these choices in characters, the game is still very good. I would quickly recommend it to just about any fan of fighting games that feel a bit more brutal, swords slashing against shields, that type of combat. To those who hold the SoulClalibur series close to heart, fear not, SoulCalibur improves on what ever the hell SoulCalibur 4 was.

by Stephen on October 15th 2012

This is the most balanced and enjoyable Soul Calibur yet. Although this game is lacking in its story line and cutscenes but the gameplay is just the best Soul Calibur to date and online battles are great with realiable netcode and nearly lag free experience. The graphics in this game is great, love the design and love the new characters such as Natsu and Lexia. Super moves is added in this series as a comeback mechanic. you can even incorporate those super moves into your combos for extra damage. The game itself is technical but easy to get into. Unlike the previous series, now you can only parry and counter when you have enough bar. You will use this bar to use super moves as well so you can decide which one is more beneficial for you to use in your situation. This game is more about fighting locally and online rather than a single player experience. Multiplayer is awesome but single player is lacking. Online lobbies and tournaments are a welcome edition in this entry. Character cutomisation is the most robust when you compare this with any fighting games. You can unlock and buy items online to create your dream characters. I create a Asuka Kazama (from Tekken) version of Natsu and it looks unique and great. You can also purchase real Tekken costumes online. I conclusion the plus in this game is gameplay, graphics, multiplayer and customisation. 3D fighting game fans should try this and should miss this entry.

by Patria on June 8th 2013

Not so impress with this game. only 2 characters new. there is not much improvement. level of stage, character development, depth of story. Soul Edge from PS1 is much more better than this one. the only thing that they improve is 3D background. I missed Lilong, and Sophitia. you can choose Tira, Cassandra, Zasalamel from SC4 instead.

by Richard on July 12th 2013

Soul Caliber 5 is the latest in the fighting franchise, and introduces popular character Ezio Auditore into the battle. game play is fantastic, as you can still wield your favourite weapons such as soul edge, and use characters such as Nightmare. Downfall is the game's story line, as it is quite dull, and could benefit from an online multiplayer option. still a good fighting game though

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Soul Calibur V 5 Game PS3
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