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Wolfenstein The New Order PC CD Key Download for Steam
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Wolfenstein The New Order PC CD Key Download for Steam

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Product Description

Wolfenstein The New Order PC CD Key Download for Steam

Wolfenstein The New Order reignites the series that created the first-person shooter genre. The year is 1960 and the Nazi’s have won World War II. War hero B.J. Blazkowicz must launch an impossible counter-offensive against the monstrous Nazi regime that has conquered the globe.

Intense, cinematic and rendered in stunning detail with id Software’s id Tech 5 engine, Wolfenstein sends players across Europe on a mission to bring down the Nazi war machine. Infiltrate their most heavily guarded facilities, battle high-tech Nazi legions, and take control of super-weapons that have conquered the earth – and beyond. Wolfenstein is under development at MachineGames, a studio comprised of a seasoned group of developers recognised for their work creating award-winning games.

Europe, 1960. The Nazis turned the tide of the war using a new kind of mysterious, advanced technology. Using unrelenting force and intimidation, they have brought even the most powerful of nations to their knees. The Nazi regime now rules the globe with an iron fist. Play as the one man who dares go up against the world’s most formidable military. You are B.J. Blazkowicz, the American war hero. You are the only man capable of rewriting history.

  • The Assault Experience intense first-person combat as you go up against oversized Nazi robots, hulking Super Soldiers and elite shock troops – all rendered in stunning detail with the id Tech 5 engine.
  • The Action Wolfenstein's breath-taking set pieces feature intense mountain-top car chases, underwater exploration, player-controlled Nazi war machines, and much more – all combined to create an exhilarating action-adventure experience.
  • The Arsenal Collect ultra-advanced Nazi-tech! Break into secret research facilities and heavily guarded weapon stashes to upgrade your tools of destruction.
  • The Adventure Hi-octane action and thrilling adventure weaved together into a tightly paced, super immersive game narrative.

How To Redeem

An Activation code will be emailed out, you will need an internet connection to download the game via steam, no disc will be sent out. For information on how to do this, use the following address.


Please note: Code will be emailed during office hours Monday - Friday GMT

This item will be emailed to the address from which you order

Doom BETA Instructions

Visit wolfenstein/doom and follow the instructions to register and enter code

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Customer Reviews

by Royce on August 20th 2015

A fantastic revival of the PC FPS genre. I loved everything about this game and played only this for weeks after it released. Great action gameplay, great feel to all of the weapons, interesting story and I even felt a little bit for the characters. Only game that I'd rate higher than this in terms of character development in an FPS would be Binary Domain.

by Sam on February 20th 2015

This game came out of nowhere and is an excellent experience that goes so much further than just being a mindless action romp. No doubt there is fantastic FPS gaming here that focuses on being raw, satisfying, and most importantly, fun. But there's more than that - the story has real heart and strong characters beneath it, and the daunting alternative reality really makes you think of what may life have really been like if the Nazis won the war. The game is simple in its weapons selection, and you'll be thankful that the weapon roster isn't too excessive, as you'll be having too much fun with all them. On Hard difficulty, the game presents a solid change for experienced players that will push back on you but not a frustrating amount, and I never got tired of going in guns-blazing with dual assault rifles. You can dual wield almost every weapon in this game, even knives! There is plenty of replay value should you wish it; with the different difficulty settings, different ways of approaching the many open areas, and the different ways the game allows you to play with a levelling system letting you to specialise a bit (but not too much) in gameplay moving toward either stealth, tactics or sheer brute force. The game has a slight old-school feel with its gameplay and some mechanics which somehow are made to feel fresh again, and with a solid action, decent story and a great sense of pacing to tie it all together, any shooter fan will have a thrilling ride with this dying breed of shooter. PS: The download size pushes up to 40GB, so if you don't have a huge download cap, maybe consider going for the boxed version.

by Matthew on August 3rd 2014

Bethesda at it's finest. Again releasing another beautiful game: both graphically and story-wise. This game brings a much more human element to the original Wolfenstein 3D. You will often feel emotionally for the main character and many of the characters you encounter in this game. You will also feel genuine hatred for the enemy. This game also has a fun dream sequence (game calls it a nightmare) where you get to play the original Wolfeinstein 3D inside your dream. Basically an Easter Egg, if you will. If you like FPS and you like a game with a decent story to it, you will enjoy this one.

by Wayne on May 20th 2014

do you have codes all ready or how long until you have the code

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Genre Action/Shooter, Shooter

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Wolfenstein The New Order PC CD Key Download for Steam
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