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Red Steel 2 Game Wii
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Product Description

Red Steel 2 Game Wii

Requires Wii MotionPlus (sold separately)

Red Steel 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Red Steel, the first title ever announced and entirely designed for the Nintendo Wii. Red Steel 2 is a first-person action-game where you play a lonesome fighter who can fight with his sword and his gun at any time. This sequel sets a new milestone by being exclusively designed for the Wii MotionPlus, greatly increasing the precision of the controls. The game is particularly intuitive: just pick up the controls and experience the strength of the swing of the sword of an expert fighter. Fight your way through a grand solo campaign taking place in an edgy city in the middle of the desert. Red Steel 2 brings you the best sword and gun fighting experience you'll face on a console!

Be the Swordsman

  • You are a lonesome fighter, a badass with attitude, a hard man full of mystery. Your goal is to defeat the wicked plans of a Warlord who has set his headquarters in the middle of a strange city.
  • Face various and increasingly stronger enemies and defeat challenging bosses in epic and intense fights.
  • Discover the truth about your presence in this mystifying metropolis.

Immersive Edgy Western Setting

  • Your adventure takes place in a high-tech metropolis located in the middle of the desert, a place where the East meets the West. A modern Wild Wild East.
  • Visit various places through the city, each with a distinctive style.
  • Impressive cut scenes let you discover the game's immersive background and environment.

Exclusively Designed for the Wii MotionPlus

  • Thanks to the Wii MotionPlus's 1:1 recognition, your sword movements are precisely reproduced within the game. Slice the villains the way you want!
  • What's more, the Wii MotionPlus measures the power of your swing. The harder you swing the Wii Remote, the harder you swing your sword in the game!
  • Finally the Wii MotionPlus brings a much more precise input, allowing you to accurately aim at your enemies with the Wii Remote.
  • This very intuitive concept makes the game really accessible. However the wide range of difficulty levels allows you to have a very challenging experience if you chose to.

Close Combat System

  • The first-person view drives you right to the centre of the action and the Wii MotionPlus allows you to immediately feel like a powerful swordmaster and gunslinger.
  • Fight up to six enemies at the same time and feel free to use your sword or your gun at any time.
  • The Wii MotionPlus and the improved controls also allow you to master numerous combos with your sword and your gun.
  • You can also trigger impressive and various finish kills on your enemies.
  • Parry your opponents' attacks and deflects their bullets with your sword!
  • Upgrade and improve your weapons throughout the adventure.

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Customer Reviews

by Andrew on June 17th 2015

Red Steel 2 does improve upon the firsts limitations. It successfully utilities the Wii Mote Plus feature. There is more accurate control of your sword. O yeah, there are also guns now in this western themed game. You can slash some bad guy, then shoot him as he falls. I recall an enemy jumping at me with a sword and I shot him mid air, Indian Jones style. Worth playing.

by Brendan on October 18th 2013

A true showcase of the capabilities of the Wii Motion plus and a remarkable step up when compared to the first game in the series. The boring realistic modern Tokyo setting and a clique ridden plot has been replaced with an intriguing Western setting with a timeless art style. Sword combat is much more precise thanks to the add on, and is a clear step up from the waggle fest of the first Red Steel where random sword fights were downright tedious and detracted from the overall experience. The now cheap price makes this a compelling buy, if not just to see what could have been if the Wii Motion Plus was adopted by more developers.

by Karos on October 7th 2013

A grate game that every one will love as it is very promising that you will enjoy it and it will be in your satisfaction list. I was hooked when I started playing it so I could not stop. I enjoyed playing it sooo much. I would recommend it for everyone

by Abz on October 5th 2013

with the new use wii motion plus and the accuracy of the nintendo wii remote it is the greatest shooter game where you can perfectly aim with the remote and perfectly take aim. I do recommend this game for any shooting fan and any nintendo fan who enjoys any good wii game

by Matthew on August 26th 2013

Can get some satisfaction! This game is a first person shooter with swordplay and Wii plus motion controls. No relation to the first game in this series, you start off being dragged behind a bike and left to die. You escape and set off to basically kill everyone, as you do. It will take a it to get use to but there is a lot of range to the movements here for the motion controls making for a more believable and ultimately fun combat experience. It's a hit!

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Additional Information

Controllers Remote, Nunchuk, Classic, Gamecube
Modes Supported 50hz, 60hz
Motion Plus Required
Genre First Person Shooter

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Red Steel 2 Game Wii
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