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Titanfall Game Xbox One

Titanfall Game Xbox One

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Product Description

Titanfall Game Xbox One

Bring in the Titans

Imagine: It's the future. You're caught in the middle of an epic firefight. In the thick of the action you look upwards. Out of the sky drops an enormous 24-foot-tall weaponized behemoth. And it's waiting for a pilot: you.

This is Titanfall, an intense, competitive multiplayer shooter coming this March. The team responsible honed its skills crafting the Call of Duty franchise, so yes, it's in very good hands.

It is no longer soldier vs. soldier in this first-person shooter. Titans are hugely powered and heavily armored, but teamwork and well-choreographed strategy from the Pilots can bring one down.

Pilot or Titan ... how will you dominate in Titanfall?

  • Pilots vs. Titans: Do you take to the warzone on foot or do you leap into the 24-foot tall metallic monstrosity? Pilots can maneuver through the fight with acrobatic grace, but the Titans are absolutely brutal in strength and firepower.
  • Multiplayer-exclusive action: Titanfall is being developed from the ground up as an online multiplayer experience—but with all the characters, story and memorable moments of single player infused.
  • Produced by the Co-creators of Call of Duty: Respawn Entertainment consists of key members of the team that lived and breathed multiplayer first-person shooters for years. Titanfall accumulates that knowledge and experience and builds a brand-new take in a whole new universe.

Customer Reviews

by Neil on November 24th 2015

This is a really great game. It is not only the graphics that make it good but the awesome action is what makes this a really fun game. I would recommend this game to every single person in the world. If you are a kid or teen or if you are a adult or granny, this is the perfect game.

by David on September 30th 2015

Noting is more exciting than dropping from a large Aircraft, within a Titan Suit dropping into the Battlefield. You tower over your enemies firing a heavy Cannon launching Slugs at high velocities.These Suits are shown in First person view making it easier to play. When you play, Leveling up unlocks more Weapons and Items for various Loadouts. There are several Mulitplayer modes to play (Only Multiplayer with a Singleplayer Tutorial). You can go against other players or in-game Bots if you want a Singleplayer-type game. Despite this, it's a lot of fun to play.

by Leigh on May 24th 2015

A great and satisfying game to play online, once you are good enough not to get blown to bits countless times. It's a shame there is no proper campaign mode, instead just integrated multiplayer matches. None the less beware of this fact and as I've spent endless hours with friends I can say it's worth getting on sale.

by Adam on April 6th 2015

The most fun I've had playing a shooter. If you are a fan of giant robot fighting, free running, fast paced gaming, and cool weapons then this is the game for yo! This isn't like your typical Battlefield or Call of Duty so don't let people tell you it is. The game is more fast paced then those games and you will clearly notice that once you being playing. The fact that you can traverse the terrain in different ways makes the game more interesting and then with the added abilities you acquire changes the way you take on your enemies. I would encourage those playing the game to do it with friends because it will extend the longevity of the game and you will have more fun because you get to talk about the crazy things you do or say in the game.

by Liam on September 6th 2014

Titanfall is a fun new take on the first person shooter genre. Titanfall has many great ideas and new innovations, but they aren't executed to the best they could be. The game struggles to keep people interested in the game and for that the multiplayer servers are relatively quiet. When you do get a game the game with the same level played, it is a lot of fun. The campaign is a complete mess and incomprehensible. Overall Titanfall is a good game that has fresh new ideas, just poorly executed.

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